Focused on your bottom line

ACRE Property Management was founded in 2009 by Craig Stewart. ACRE was created as a result of a desire to form a property management company which provides focus, attention to detail, and care and concern for the owner’s financial objectives, which includes not only commonly owned property, but third party clients as well.


The mission of ACRE is to maximize investment returns for our clients while providing a safe and sound home for thousands of families in San Diego County.

Business Philosophy

Our business philosophy is to employ the highest standards of conduct and sound business practice execution as the cornerstones of how ACRE sustains profitability and maximizes investor returns. Our employees take responsibility for the assets under ACRE’s management as if they were their own. We protect all confidential information received from our tenants, business associates, and investment partners. We strive to build and maintain positive and productive relationships with the communities and institutions with which we interact.

Character and Integrity

Most importantly, we believe character and integrity are our most valuable assets. We strive to provide evidence of this fact in both our work and personal lives.